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学英文! 比尔.盖茨的讲话。

Bill Gates was invited by a high school to give a lecture. He arrived by helicopter, took the paper from the pocket where he had written eleven items. He read everything in less than 5 minutes, was applauded for more than 10 minutes non-stop, thanked him and left in his helicopter. What was written is very interesting, read:

1. Life isn't easy — get used to it.

2. The world is not concerned about your self-esteem. The world expects you to do something useful for it BEFORE you feel good about yourself.

A former cleaning lady becomes a chef and fulfills her dream of having her own organic restaurant

True story: A simple (but powerful) gesture of kindness from a CEO

3. You will not earn $20,000 a month once you leave school. You won't be vice president of a company with a car and phone available until you've managed to buy your own car and phone.

4. If you find your teacher rude, wait until you have a boss. He will not feel sorry for you.

5. Selling old newspaper or working while on vacation is not beneath your social standing. Your grandparents have a different word for it: they call it opportunity.

6. If you fail, it's not your parents' fault. So do not whine about your mistakes, learn from them.

7. Before you were born, your parents weren't as critical as they are now. They only got that way from paying your bills, washing your clothes and hearing you say they're "ridiculous." So before saving the planet for the next generation wanting to fix the mistakes of your parents' generation, try cleaning your own room.

8. Your school may have blurred the distinction between winners and losers, but life isn't like that. In some schools you don't repeat more than a year and you have as many chances as you need to get it right. This looks like absolutely NOTHING in real life. If you step on the ball, you're fired… STREET!!! Do it right the first time!

9. Life is not divided into semesters. You won't always have summers off, and it's unlikely that other employees will help you with your tasks at the end of each term.

10. Television is NOT real life. In real life, people have to leave the bar or the club and go to work.

11. Be nice to the CDFs (those students that others think are assholes). There is a high probability that you will work FOR one of them.”

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比尔盖茨应一所高中的邀请来演讲。他乘直升机到达,从他写了 11 条记录的口袋里取出了那张纸。他在不到 5 分钟的时间内读完了所有内容,连续 10 多分钟被鼓掌,谢过他,然后乘坐直升机离开。写的很有趣,请阅读:

1. 生活并不容易——习惯它。

2. 世界并不关心你的自尊。世界希望你在自我感觉良好之前做一些对它有用的事情。


真实故事:CEO 一个简单(但有力)的善意姿态

3. 离开学校后,您每月将无法赚取 20,000 美元。在您设法购买自己的汽车和电话之前,您不会成为拥有汽车和电话的公司的副总裁。


5. 卖旧报纸或在度假时工作并不影响你的社会地位。您的祖父母对此有不同的说法:他们称之为机会。

6. 如果你失败了,那不是你父母的错。所以不要抱怨你的错误,要从中吸取教训。


8. 你的学校可能模糊了赢家和输家的区别,但生活并非如此。在一些学校,你的复读时间不会超过一年,而且你有很多机会来把它做好。这在现实生活中看起来完全没有。如果你踩到球,你就会被解雇…… 街上!!!第一次就做对!


10. 电视不是现实生活。在现实生活中,人们不得不离开酒吧或俱乐部去上班。

11. 善待 CDF(那些其他人认为是混蛋的学生)。你很有可能为其中一个工作。”
Bǐ'ěr gài cí yīng yī suǒ gāozhōng de yāoqǐng

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比尔·盖茨被一所高中邀请去做一次演讲。 他乘直升飞机到达,从口袋里拿出那张写了11个项目的纸。 他在不到5分钟的时间里读完了所有的内容,连续鼓掌10多分钟,向他表示感谢,然后坐上直升机离开。 写的东西很有趣,读起来:


2.这世界并不会在意你的自尊。 这世界指望你在自我感觉良好之前先为它做些有用的事。



3. 一旦你离开学校,你一个月就赚不到2万美元了。 在你成功地购买了自己的汽车和电话之前,你不会成为一家公司的副总裁,并拥有汽车和电话。

4.如果你发现你的老师粗鲁无礼,等你有了老板再这样做。 他不会为你感到难过的。

5.卖旧报纸或在度假时工作并不会降低你的社会地位。 你的祖父母对此有不同的说法:他们称之为机遇。

6.如果你失败了,那不是你父母的错。 所以不要抱怨你的错误,要从中吸取教训。

7.在你出生之前,你的父母并不像现在这样挑剔。 他们之所以变成这样,是因为这些年来他们一直在为你付账单,给你洗衣服,听你说他们很“荒谬”。 所以,在拯救地球给下一代想要弥补你父母那一代的错误之前,试着打扫你自己的房间。

8.你的学校可能已经模糊了优等生和劣等生的界限,但生活并非如此。 在一些学校,你不会重复读超过一年的课程,你有足够多的机会去把它做好。 这在现实生活中看起来一点都不像。 如果你踩到球,你就会被解雇… 第一次就把它做好!

9.生活不分学期。 你不会总是有暑假,也不可能在每个学期结束时,其他员工会帮你完成任务。

10.电视并不是真实的生活。 在现实生活中,人们不得不离开酒吧或俱乐部去工作。

11.对cdf(别人认为是混蛋的学生)好一点。 你很有可能会为他们中的一个工作。”
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